Paul Sand Projects

Currently the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Paul Sand Projects, Paul has created an arena where he can use all of his many gifts and passions that include not only acting, but also writing, directing and teaching.

Says Paul,  “I have been so lucky to have experienced many extraordinary things in my life, in addition to meeting and learning from many creative people. I want to use this time to bring unique, exciting and engaging entertainment to audiences of all ages.”

To that end, Paul, in partnership with James Harris has created Santa Monica Public Theatre, which has produced two uniquely different plays.  There are many more to come.





production Designer

Marie Lalanne

Co-Founder, Artistic Director

KIERA JACOB met Paul and James when she became the Stage Manager for the world-premiere of An Illegal Start. Since then she has continued to work with Santa Monica Public Theatre as Diana in Save the Pier and as a producer for the upcoming season. Originally from Tuolumne County, Kiera grew up admiring the rich theatre and arts community built from local artists. She moved to Los Angeles when she began her Theatre Arts degree at Loyola Marymount University, and has found her childhood dreams both on and off the stage in the big city.

Paul sand

James Harris

JAMES HARRIS has filled both producer’s and writer’s roles for Santa Monica Public Theatre (SMPT) since the organization’s inception, and has even been known to step onto the stage on occasion. His written works for SMPT include An Illegal Start and Save The Pier, and his pen is also notable for the short film Crows and many written works about his beloved Santa Monica Pier, including that destination’s official history book, Santa Monica Pier: A Century on the Last Great Leisure Pier.

MARIE LALANE was born in Paris and studied painting with her parents, celebrated artists Francois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne. She later assisted Niki de Saint Phalle, and also worked with Jacky Matisse. In 1974 Lalanne Elfman moved to California, where she worked in the Oingo Boingo theatre group. She was an Art Director, and also Production Designer for the film “Forbidden Zone" (1982). Marie has exhibited in the United States and Europe.