IRISH GIRON specialized in Brazilian

Jiu-Jitsu for 8 years straight, earning a Gold Medal before his mother forced him to indulge his side that loved to entertain. After landing the lead role in his first play ever, he left MMA to explore as deeply as he could the fascinating world of acting. He attended Loyola Marymount University’s Theater Program. After graduating, he appeared in Il Dolce Theater Company’s production of THE COLONEL AND THE BIRDS, and a commercial for Clash Royale. On any given Friday night, Irish can be seen at a speakeasy in Downtown LA, dancing with his girlfriend at “any establishment that plays oldies.”

Pete Wilson

Pete Wilson

Sol Mason

CAMERON TAGGE is an actor, musician, writer, and graduate from Loyola Marymount University. You can see him on Investigative Discovery's DEADLY SINS and UNUSUAL SUSPECTS. He would like to thank his lovely cast and crew for teaching him every day, and his family for their unwavering support. Pursuing a life in the arts is all the more enjoyable with a supportive circle. "Love art in yourself and not yourself in art" (Stanislavsky). Follow him on Instagram and at

Written by JAMES HARRIS, An Illegal Start was originally conceived for performance on the traditional stage with a very basic set consisting of little more than a telephone pole. At the suggestion of director Paul Sand, Harris adapted the play specifically to be performed in the Santa Monica Pier Merry-Go-Round Building.

The play is set in 1980’s rural western Colorado, where an old merry-go-round in a defunct 
amusement park becomes refuge for two young men (IRISH GIRON and CAMERON TAGGE / SOL MASON) after a near-fatal accident, catapulting an unlikely friendship into an intimately intertwined journey through the trials of two starkly different life paths.

Performed in the world-famous Santa Monica Pier Merry-Go-Round in May 2017 and February-March 2018, An Illegal Start is now on the move. Contact us to bring this extraordinary theatrical experience to your local merry-go-round!

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Cameron Tagge

SOL MASON is an Australian actor based in LA working in theatre and film. His first LA stage appearance was in Clara Mamet’s play The Solvit Kids, a farce directed by Paul Sand, performed at the Ruskin Group Theatre in 2012. Working mostly in television, Sol worked on the 2016 Netflix Gilmore Girls, and has completed four independent features; with leading roles in The Black That Follows by Aria Bloom and Hidden Highway: WILL2LIV by Sam Zhang, both 2015 productions, also with the leading roles in Simple Being directed by Marco Ferrari in 2014. Simple Being earned Sol a best actor nomination in the Brasilia International Film Festival, and lastly This Tunnel South directed by Dorian Levi in 2011.

Meet the CAST

"Director Paul Sand has the actors, [Sol Mason and Irish Giron] constantly interact with the merry-go-round. They push it, ride it, run on it, and count the horses—while pointing out that there’s also a pig and a goat! He transforms the challenges of the non-theatrical space into the most memorable parts of the staging. An encounter with a police officer is imagined through an open window, and a support column becomes an indispensable prop for the actors. It’s clear that he’s getting the most fun out of directing a play in a merry-go-round."

-Pablo Capra, US Theater

Irish Giron

A New Play in a Classic Venue

Paul Sand Projects

​​“I go to the theatre in New York often, usually paying $200 a ticket. Those plays, as well as the British plays, don’t engage me much, even though there are big star casts. I loved this $30 a ticket show much more than those. I found Paul Sand’s vivid production of James Harris’ new play, An Illegal Start, to be immediate, up close and visceral.”
​-James Ivory, 2018 Academy Award Winner
for Best Adapted Screenplay for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME